Climate and Soil Determine Forest Type

  • Claude Martin


Most people imagine the rainforest to be hot, sticky and swarming with insects. Indeed, many missionaries died of yellow fever during colonial times, a fact which led their fellow Europeans to decry West Africa’s shore the “Fever Coast”. Today still, a glance at the obligatory innoculations listed on an international vaccination card tends to reassure travellers disembarking from an airconditioned plane in Monrovia or Accra. Tropical disease comes to the minds of many as they find themselves drenched with sweat merely waiting to pass through customs. Surely, no one should forego preventive medication against malaria nor the usual vaccinations but the stories of the “Fever Coast” originated at a time when the rainforest was still considered “green hell” by most non-Africans. Admittedly, it can be uncomfortably hot and humid in West African cities, in areas cleared of forest cover and where plantations have been established.


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