A Study of Cadmium and Calcium Transport into a Marine Unicellular Alga

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45Ca and 109Cd uptake were followed in Criscosphaera elongata. In both cases after a rapid increase for the first 5 min., the incorporation rate slowed during the hour of observation. Verapamil, a blocker of voltage dependent slow calcium channels inhibited 45Ca uptake except for the first rapid phase where adsorption should predominate. Cadmium also decreased 45Ca labelling suggesting antagonism between the two metals. However verapamil was shown to augment 109Cd incorporation. The data support the presence of calcium channels in the alga and suggest several processes in Cd accumulation.


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  1. 1.Unité INSERM 303Villefranche-sur-merFrance
  2. 2.Musée OcéanographiqueCentre Scientifique de MonacoMonaco
  3. 3.UA CNRS 651Université de NiceNice-CedexFrance

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