Two Contributions to Numerical Quadrature. Let G be a domain in the complex plane containing the unit interval I. In the first contribution we consider bounds for the remainder R(f) of a quadrature formula on I which are of the form |R(f)|≤ c-sup {|f(z)}: zϵG}. We ask for the best possible constant c, study-its structure, and give an approach to calculate its asymptotically precise value for large domain G or large number of nodes. For quadrature formulae of order 2 explicit results are obtained. Furthermore, while looking on a problem raised by Brass we find a new global bound for c in the case of some formulae of order 2. In the second contribution we discuss a question asked by Collatz and concerning the choice of an error estimate.


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  • Gerhard Schmeisser
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  1. 1.Mathematisches InstitutErlangenGermany

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