Non-Isothermal Kinetics — A Generalized Approach

  • Hem Shanker Ray


The article describes a generalized approach on non-isothermal kinetic investigations which use large samples and nonlinear heating programme. It proposes a moving boat experiment in which a large volume of sample is spread thinly in a long boat and the boat introduced into a furnace hot zone at a uniform speed. When the boat is withdrawn, it gives a series of successive volume elements which have been subjected to an identical temperature-time programme but for different periods provided heat conduction along the bed is small.

The heating programme, which is variable, would depend primarily on the temperature profile of the furnace, the boat speed and the heat transfer coefficient. The temperature-time plots can be obtained by having thermocouples positioned in the moving boat.

Derivation of nonisothermal kinetic equations for some nonlinear programming is indicated


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  • Hem Shanker Ray
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  1. 1.Department of Metallurgical EngineeringIndian Institute of TechnologyKanpurIndia

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