Frequently rails of railway systems undergo corrugation due to an oscillatory contact between wheel and rail, cf. KNOTHE and VALDIVIA. This paper studies the stability of the stationary motion of a rigid wheel rolling on a straight (uncorrugated) flexible rail. Starting from geometrically nonlinear equations of motion, a set of variational equations for oscillations about a simplified stationary solution is established. Its spectrum consists of a continous and a discrete part. The discrete eigenvalues are calculated for parameters close to realistic ones. Several numerical problems occur.


Eigenvalue Problem Variational Equation Stationary Motion Discrete Part Railway System 
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  1. Knothe, K.; Valdivia, A. (1988) Riffelbildung auf Eisenbahnschienen — Wechselpiel zwischen Kurzzeitdynamik und Langzeit-Verschleißverhalten. ZEV-Glas. Ann. 112, 50–57.Google Scholar

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