Matvei Petrovich Bronstein

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Childhood and Youth. Road to Science

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Matvei Bronstein was born into a typical family of Russian-Jewish middle intelligentsia in the Ukraine. His ancestors lived within the Pale. His father, Petr, was a doctor. Born into a family of a petty trader he, unlike many other Jewish boys, managed to finish a course in a classical school in a small Ukrainian town and the Department of Medicine of Kiev University. His mother, Fanny, could barely read and write. She was a kind and considerate woman engrossed in the life of her husband and three children- twin sons Matvei and Isidor and a daughter Mikhalina, four years older than her brothers. The boys were born on December 2, 1906, in Vinnitsa, a regional center in central Ukraine. There they spent the first nine years of their lives.