Age and Time Correlation of Sediments

  • Reinhart A. Gygi


Pellets of mature, pure glauconite from the thin beds at the base of the Upper Jurassic Series in Canton Schaffhausen in northernmost Switzerland were dated with the K-Ar method for the first time by Gygi and McDowell (1970) and again by Fischer and Gygi (1989). The ages that were calculated by Fischer in Fischer and Gygi (1989, Fig. 3) were measured in glauconite pellets which were excavated from section RG 81b near Gächlingen. Section RG 81b is shown in Fig. 8.3 in this study. Pellets large enough to be separated from predominantly argillaceous sediment occur in this section in bed no. 11 called Glaukonitsandmergel Bed (GSM in the lower right of Fig. 1.5), in bed no. 13 called Mumienmergel Bed (MUM), and in the unnamed bed no. 15 of section RG 81b. The biochronologic ages of the radiometrically dated beds range from the Cordatum to the Transversarium Chron. These beds include an abundant and diverse assemblage of well-preserved ammonite casts. Glauconite pellets occur in section RG 81b both in the mainly argillaceous matrix of the sediments and within calcareous steinkerns (casts) of ammonites within the same beds. The dated glauconite pellets from the matrix of the sediment can be assumed to be practically coeval with the glauconite pellets within ammonite casts. Therefore, it was possible to assign radiometric ages with the best accuracy that could be achieved at the time directly to some particularly well-preserved casts of ammonites, which were identified and figured by Gygi in the paper by Fischer and Gygi (1989, Figs. 4–6).


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