Sea Level Variations

  • Reinhart A. Gygi


Rise no. 1. The first rapid relative sea level rise represented in Fig. 5.1 could be documented in section RG 226 east of Auenstein in Canton Aargau (Mangold and Gygi 1997, Fig. 2). The rise drowned the thin, early Bathonian carbonate platform of the Spatkalk Member. Mainly the ammonite Bullatimorphites (Bullatimorphites) polypleurus (Buckman) of the Subcontractus Zone, which was figured by Mangold and Gygi (1997, Fig. 3/8a, b), is evidence that the rise occurred at the latest early in the middle Bathonian Age. The macrofossil assemblage of mainly bivalves with large ostreids and brachiopods, which is associated with this ammonite, is according to Fig. 4.9 indicative of a water depth of between 20 and 30 m, because there are no hermatypic corals and because ammonites are uncommon. Accordingly, the rise is estimated to have been about 25 m. This major rise and the following rise no. 2 cannot be correlated with the curve of short-term eustatic sea level fluctuations in Hardenbol et al. (1998, chart 1). Reference to that chart is, therefore, omitted in the text about the following sea level rises.


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