What Can Be Measured, Calculated, or Quantified by Comparison

  • Reinhart A. Gygi


The first step in quantifying sedimentation in this regional study was to measure and sample 221 detailed sections which are spaced as closely as possible. The longest of these sections is RG 307 at Péry in Canton Bern, which is represented in Pl. 22 in Gygi (2000a). The section has a length of 357 m, and it includes 246 individually numbered units. Exact thickness of a massive and very thick unit can be difficult to measure. For instance, the Balsthal Formation in its type section RG 438 in Steinibach Gorge north of Balsthal is tectonically in near-vertical position. The lower, mostly massive part of the Holzflue Member is intersected by the road leading through Steinibach Gorge at a very acute angle. Measurement of thicknesses in this part of the Holzflue Member was therefore prone to error.


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