Discussion and Conclusions

  • Reinhart A. Gygi


This study is an account of sedimentation during mainly the Oxfordian Age of the Late Jurassic. Sediments were investigated in the folded and in the tabular part of the Jura Range mainly in northern Switzerland. Sedimentary geology of these deposits is of general interest, because the term Jurassic that is used worldwide is derived from strata cropping out in the Jura Mountains. Facies is a term that became widely known after a study of Oxfordian strata in the Jura Mountains of northern Switzerland. The pertinent sediments are a shallow water-to-basin transition which is now assigned to the middle Oxfordian. Sediments of the modern Oxfordian Stage and the Kimmeridgian Stage in the sense of Gradstein et al. (2004) include in northern Switzerland an uninterrupted succession of stratigraphically uncondensed strata with ammonites which were laid down in an epicontinental sea. The iron-oolitic boundary beds between the Callovian and the Oxfordian Stage in section RG 208 near Ueken in Canton Aargau are thin, but they are not stratigraphically condensed in this section. The beds are shown in Figs. 4.14 and 8.2. A diverse ammonite assemblage of almost 10,000 specimens was recently collected from in situ out of sections and excavations which were measured bed by bed. Every ammonite chron listed in Fig. 1.6 is documented with a figured specimen of the pertinent zonal index taxon, from the Scarburgense Zone at the base of the Oxfordian Stage upward to the Autissiodorensis Zone at the top of the Kimmeridgian Stage. Several of the zonal ammonite index taxa can be used in intercontinental time correlation. The course of sedimentation could be documented in detail thanks to the complete ammonite succession, which is represented in Fig. 1.6.


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