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SMT-Based Planning Synthesis for Distributed System Reconfigurations

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS,volume 13241)


Large distributed systems with an emphasis on adaptability are now considered a necessity in many domains, yet reconfiguration of these systems is still largely carried out in an ad hoc fashion, a process that is both inefficient and error-prone. In this paper, we tackle the planification problem for the reconfiguration of distributed systems in the component-based reconfiguration model Concerto. Specifically, given some tasks to execute and a desired final state of the system, we show how to compute a reconfiguration plan that guarantees satisfaction of inter-component dependencies and is also optimized for parallel execution. Our technique relies on an SMT solver to compute the required dependencies between components and ultimately schedule the reconfiguration. We illustrate the use of this technique on a variety of synthetic examples as well as a real use case in the context of an OpenStack system.


  • reconfiguration
  • planning
  • synthesis
  • component models
  • distributed systems


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