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Exploiting Vulnerabilities in the SCADA Modbus Protocol: An ICT-Reliant Perspective

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Industrial plants like power, gas, water, and transport are controlled remotely and managed by a protocol like Modbus-TCP which has a significant contribution towards Industrial Control systems (ICS) and Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. In the previous years, occurrences of cyber-attacks influenced the SCADA structures and their associated protocols though few in numbers but lethal. The attack may affect the confidentiality and integrity of the Modbus/TCP module and unauthorized control of coils and registers has the potential for appalling conditions in some unacceptable situations. The proposed work investigates the security of an industrial framework utilizing the Modbus transmission convention in an ICS to build up a particular security test framework for the discovery attack, Man in the middle (MIMT) attack, Denial of Service (DoS), and Metasploit attack. This work focuses to execute the attack results and show the interaction in the virtual climate of Conpot and Rapid SCADA and presents an analysis using CVSS 3.1 score to compare the Metasploit, DOS, MITM in terms of vulnerabilities and threat levels. Finally, the severity of ease of happening for different attacks is mentioned as a conclusion of this study.


  • Modbus-TCP
  • Attack detection
  • CVSS score
  • SCADA vulnerability

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The work is funded by Department of Science and Technology(DST), India for the Cyber Physical Security in Energy Infrastructure for Smart Cities (CPSEC) project under Smart Environments theme of Indo-Norwegian Call.

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