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Replicating \(\textsc {Restart}\) with Prolonged Retrials: An Experimental Report

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNTCS,volume 12652)


Statistical model checking uses Monte Carlo simulation to analyse stochastic formal models. It avoids state space explosion, but requires rare event simulation techniques to efficiently estimate very low probabilities. One such technique is \(\textsc {Restart}\). Villén-Altamirano recently showed—by way of a theoretical study and ad-hoc implementation—that a generalisation of \(\textsc {Restart}\) to prolonged retrials offers improved performance. In this paper, we demonstrate our independent replication of the original experimental results. We implemented \(\textsc {Restart}\) with prolonged retrials in the and modes tools, and apply them to the models used originally. To do so, we had to resolve ambiguities in the original work, and refine our setup multiple times. We ultimately confirm the previous results, but our experience also highlights the need for precise documentation of experiments to enable replicability in computer science.

Authors are listed alphabetically. This work was supported by NWO via project no. 15474 (SEQUOIA) and VENI grant no. 639.021.754.


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