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FuSeBMC: A White-Box Fuzzer for Finding Security Vulnerabilities in C Programs (Competition Contribution)

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNTCS,volume 12649)


We describe and evaluate a novel white-box fuzzer for C programs named FuSeBMC, which combines fuzzing and symbolic execution, and applies Bounded Model Checking (BMC) to find security vulnerabilities in C programs. FuSeBMC explores and analyzes C programs (1) to find execution paths that lead to property violations and (2) to incrementally inject labels to guide the fuzzer and the BMC engine to produce test-cases for code coverage. FuSeBMC successfully participates in Test-Comp’21 and achieves first place in the Cover-Error category and second place in the Overall category.


  • Automated Test-Case Generation
  • Symbolic Execution
  • Bounded Model Checking
  • Fuzzing
  • Security.

K. M. Alshmrany—Jury Member.


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