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Partial Specifications of Libraries: Applications in Software Engineering

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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS,volume 1288)


The article presents a comprehensive approach to solving a number of problems that arise during the design, development, debugging and maintenance of multicomponent applications. The approach is based on a created formalism that allows specifying the structure and visible behavior of the component external to the application. At the same time, the mathematical approach used in the formalism is based on the system of extended finite state machine, which allows analyzing specifications in an acceptable time. For a programmer to set formal descriptions of the components, the LibSL specification language is developed. It allows the programmer to describe the specification of a component or a library in the form that is understandable to the programmer, without going into the mathematical basics of formalism. In this case, the interface of the library and its behavior, which is visible from the outside, are set. The implementation details are not included in the specification.

The presented formalism and language are used to solve a group of topical software engineering problems: automated application porting, cross-language integration of applications and libraries, detection of software errors in multicomponent projects, detection of integration errors, automated testing of multi-component applications, etc.

The paper demonstrates the use of formalism and language to solve these problems, as well as shows other areas in which the approach can be effectively applied.


  • Partial specification of libraries
  • Library Specification Language
  • Software integration
  • Analysis of program

This research work was supported by the Academic Excellence Project 5–100 proposed by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

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