Logical Channels: Layered Description of Transport in the DAB+ System



The digital radio DAB is designed to transmit potentially multimedia content. Its specification defines both the organization of transmission subchannels, where programs are transmitted, and identifying the content of these programs.

The DAB transmitter can broadcast a number of radio programs with accompanying data and independent multimedia services. This requires a new approach to signal organization. To construct a multiplex of DAB radio programs, the following are necessary:
  • Information about the organization of the multiplex signal subchannels

  • Identification of programs and data within the multiplex

  • Identification of individual components of independent multimedia

DAB multiplex signal is composed of various radio programs and data. Each program can be built with different components of the sound or services. The individual elements of the multiplex program require unambiguous identification. It is necessary to indicate in which subchannel, in which mode, and what types of items of the program are broadcast. So, there is necessary information about the structure, divisions, and relations in subchannels of the DAB broadcast channels.


DAB channels main service channel Fast information channel PAD channel Subchannels Hierarchy of subchannels Transport organization Data groups Service identifiers Data identifiers Program types Labels Multiplex channel information Start algorithm Optional multiplex parameters Announcements Alarm signals Linking information Frequency information 


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