For some time, Internet radio is a fact.

Internet via radio is the ability opened by the digital multimedia radio DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and its newer version DAB+.

This is a new perspective of a radio. A radio enriched – beyond traditional programs of audio and music – by the resources of added information. DAB is a multimedia radio allowing transmission of audio, text, graphics, photographs, maps, charts, and video.

The position of the modern radio in the digital communication world is due to its basic features:
  • Digital transmission techniques

  • Unilateral simultaneous transmission (broadcasting) for large social groups

  • Capabilities of multimedia transport

Digitalization of radio – a necessary condition for the transmission of multimedia data – required new concepts and techniques developed in the framework of the EU Project Eureka 147 DAB and further improved within radio institutions under the WorldDAB organization.


Why digital radio Frequency block for DAB DAB channels and subchannels Environment for mobile digital radio 


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