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On the Nature of Paradox

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The variables of the underlying contradiction have been discussed for thousands of years, involving such fundaments as life and death, the soul and matter, senses and reason, change and permanence, being, becoming, yes, no, here, there, not and why not, etc. These contraries, antonyms, oppositional forces, knowns and unknowns are no less intriguing and mysterious than those same combinatorial effusions which highlight poetic function, form, beginnings and ends, throughout the biochemical world we think of as earth, which translates and transliterates every inkling of DNA, every cell, molecule, and atom.

So heavily entrenched is our species in copious domestic and international news, information, gigabytes, and fiscal transactions that the weight of our presence hinders even the possible hint of our ever stepping outside our frameworks, the human context, the mind within.


  • Darwin
  • Mayor Bloomberg
  • Purchasing power parity
  • Extinction
  • Countryside

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