Distributed Transaction and Self-healing System of DAOS

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The Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS) is an open source scale-out storage system designed from the ground up to support Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe storage in user space. DAOS uses an optimized two-phase commit protocol to guarantee atomicity of distributed I/O. This protocol is tightly coupled with the self-healing system of DAOS, in contrast with traditional two-phase commit protocol that is blocking when coordinator fails, this protocol can proceed in presence of failure, and it also has shorter transaction response time than the traditional protocol, these characteristics are important for massively distributed and low latency storage system like DAOS. This paper introduces the distributed transaction and self-healing system of DAOS, and presents the performance benefits of the transaction protocol.


DAOS Distributed storage system Distributed transaction Two-phase commit SCM Self-healing Data recovery Rebuild 


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