Plane-Gazing Agorá: Design for Building a Community at The Airport Observation Deck Through Photography Activities

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This paper discusses Plane-Gazing Agorá, a cyber-physical environment at the airport observation deck that stimulates taking and sharing photos of airplanes. Since airports worldwide are on intense competition, airport operators are recognizing the need for differentiating themselves. Our research spotlights the airport observation deck; focusing on the customers’ activities on taking and sharing photos of airplanes. The experience at the observation deck is site-specific and unique, hence we see the potential to contribute to the need for differentiating themselves.

Plane-Gazing Agorá consists of the following 2 phases. (1) Photo-taking support by interactive displays installed in various spots on the deck and app. These display information about the upcoming aircraft and suitable shooting locations. The dedicated app provides congestion information and weather forecast for the deck. (2) Photo-sharing support by a public screen and app. Photos displayed on a large public screen are selected from photos posted by customers. The airplane photographers can post these photos from a dedicated app. This paper seeks a community centered on the observation deck that shall be formed by the experience design of the hybrid of cyber-physical space.


Airport Community Photography Media sharing Experience design. 



We thank DSInnovation which provided funding this research and all the volunteers, publications support and staffs.


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  1. 1.Keio University Graduate School of Media DesignYokohamaJapan
  2. 2.Professional University of Information and Management for InnovationTokyoJapan

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