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Pipelined Query Processing Using Non-volatile Memory SSDs

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNISA,volume 12318)


NVM Optane SSDs are faster than traditional flash-based SSDs and more economical than DRAM main memory, so we explore query processing with the inverted index on NVM aiming at reducing costs, but this leads to NVM-to-DRAM I/O which negatively affects the search engine’s responsiveness. To alleviate this problem, we propose a pipelining scheme to overlap CPU computation with NVM-to-DRAM I/O. We further propose some optimizations: variable coalesced block size, data prefetching, and block skipping.

The experiments on the Gov2 and ClueWeb document corpuses indicate a reduction in CPU waiting time caused by NVM-to-DRAM I/O by around 85% for Maxscore, Wand, and BlockMaxWand queries vs. not using pipelining, while maintaining comparable query throughput (loss within 6%) vs. an in-memory inverted index (DRAM-based scheme). For RankAnd queries, we occupy 3% of the inverted index in memory for caching to achieve similar query efficiency (within 6%) vs. the DRAM-based scheme.


  • NVM Optane SSD
  • Query processing
  • Pipeline
  • Prefetch

This work is partially supported by National Science Foundation of China (61872201, 61702521, U1833114); Science and Technology Development Plan of Tianjin (17JCYBJC15300, 18ZXZNGX00140, 18ZXZNGX00200).

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