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A Novel Model Driven Framework for Image Enhancement and Object Recognition

Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS,volume 1283)


Modern technological trends like Internet of Things (IoT’s) essentially require prompt development of software systems. To manage this, Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is frequently applied for development of different systems like industry automation, medical, surveillance, tracking and security etc. Image processing is an integral part of such systems. Particularly, image enhancement and classification operations are mandatory in order to effectively recognize objects for different purposes. Currently, such critical image processing operations are not managed through MDA and low level implementations are performed distinctly during system development. This severely delays the system development due to integration issues. Furthermore, system testing becomes problematic as few components of systems are developed through MDA and image processing operations are implemented in isolation. This article introduces a novel framework i.e. MIEORF – Model-driven Image Enhancement and Object Recognition Framework. Particularly, a meta-model is proposed, that allows modeling and visualization of complex image processing and object recognition tasks. Subsequently, an open source customized tree editor (developed using Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)) and graphical modeling tool/workbench (developed using Sirius) have been developed (both distributable via eclipse plugin). Consequently, the proposed framework allows modeling and graphical visualization of major image processing operations. Moreover, it provides strong grounds for model transformation operations e.g. Model to Text Transformations (M2T) using Acceleo for generating executable Matlab code. Furthermore, it systematically combines MDA and image processing concepts which are detailed enough to be easily integrated into wide variety of systems such as industrial automation, medical, surveillance, security and biometrics etc. The feasibility of proposed framework is demonstrated via real world medical imagery case study. The results prove that the proposed framework provides a complete solution for modeling and visualization of image processing tasks and highly effective for MDA based systems development.


  • Digital image processing
  • Model Driven Architecture
  • Image enhancement
  • Graphical modeling
  • Object recognition
  • Meta modeling
  • Sirius tool
  • Model based systems

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