TexMesh: Reconstructing Detailed Human Texture and Geometry from RGB-D Video

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We present TexMesh, a novel approach to reconstruct detailed human meshes with high-resolution full-body texture from RGB-D video. TexMesh enables high quality free-viewpoint rendering of humans. Given the RGB frames, the captured environment map, and the coarse per-frame human mesh from RGB-D tracking, our method reconstructs spatiotemporally consistent and detailed per-frame meshes along with a high-resolution albedo texture. By using the incident illumination we are able to accurately estimate local surface geometry and albedo, which allows us to further use photometric constraints to adapt a synthetically trained model to real-world sequences in a self-supervised manner for detailed surface geometry and high-resolution texture estimation. In practice, we train our models on a short example sequence for self-adaptation and the model runs at interactive framerate afterwards. We validate TexMesh on synthetic and real-world data, and show it outperforms the state of art quantitatively and qualitatively.


Human shape reconstruction Human texture generation 



This work was done during Tiancheng Zhi’s internship at Facebook Reality Labs, Sausalito, CA, USA. We thank Junbang Liang, Yinghao Huang, and Nikolaos Sarafianos for their help with data generation.

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