3PointTM: Faster Measurement of High-Dimensional Transmission Matrices

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A transmission matrix (TM) describes the linear relationship between input and output phasor fields when a coherent wave passes through a scattering medium. Measurement of the TM enables numerous applications, but is challenging and time-intensive for an arbitrary medium. State-of-the-art methods, including phase-shifting holography and double phase retrieval, require significant amounts of measurements, and post-capture reconstruction that is often computationally intensive. In this paper, we propose 3PointTM, an approach for sensing TMs that uses a minimal number of measurements per pixel—reducing the measurement budget by a factor of two as compared to state of the art in phase-shifting holography for measuring TMs—and has a low computational complexity as compared to phase retrieval. We validate our approach on real and simulated data, and show successful focusing of light and image reconstruction on dense scattering media.


Transmission matrix Inverse scattering Imaging Focusing Optimization Phase modulation 



The authors acknowledge support via the NSF Expeditions in Computing Grant for the project “See below the skin” (#1730574, #1730147). ACS also was supported in part by the NSF CAREER award CCF-1652569.


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