Towards Practical and Efficient High-Resolution HDR Deghosting with CNN

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Generating High Dynamic Range (HDR) image in the presence of camera and object motion is a tedious task. If uncorrected, these motions will manifest as ghosting artifacts in the fused HDR image. On one end of the spectrum, there exist methods that generate high-quality results that are computationally demanding and too slow. On the other end, there are few faster methods that produce unsatisfactory results. With ever increasing sensor/display resolution, currently we are very much in need of faster methods that produce high-quality images. In this paper, we present a deep neural network based approach to generate high-quality ghost-free HDR for high-resolution images. Our proposed method is fast and fuses a sequence of three high-resolution images (16-megapixel resolution) in about 10 s. Through experiments and ablations, on different publicly available datasets, we show that the proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performance in terms of accuracy and speed.



This work was supported by a project grant from MeitY (No.4(16)/2019-ITEA), Govt. of India and WIRIN.

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