Learning to Localize Actions from Moments

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With the knowledge of action moments (i.e., trimmed video clips that each contains an action instance), humans could routinely localize an action temporally in an untrimmed video. Nevertheless, most practical methods still require all training videos to be labeled with temporal annotations (action category and temporal boundary) and develop the models in a fully-supervised manner, despite expensive labeling efforts and inapplicable to new categories. In this paper, we introduce a new design of transfer learning type to learn action localization for a large set of action categories, but only on action moments from the categories of interest and temporal annotations of untrimmed videos from a small set of action classes. Specifically, we present Action Herald Networks (AherNet) that integrate such design into an one-stage action localization framework. Technically, a weight transfer function is uniquely devised to build the transformation between classification of action moments or foreground video segments and action localization in synthetic contextual moments or untrimmed videos. The context of each moment is learnt through the adversarial mechanism to differentiate the generated features from those of background in untrimmed videos. Extensive experiments are conducted on the learning both across the splits of ActivityNet v1.3 and from THUMOS14 to ActivityNet v1.3. Our AherNet demonstrates the superiority even comparing to most fully-supervised action localization methods. More remarkably, we train AherNet to localize actions from 600 categories on the leverage of action moments in Kinetics-600 and temporal annotations from 200 classes in ActivityNet v1.3.



This work is partially supported by Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) and the National Key R&D Program of China under contract No. 2017YFB1002203.

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