ForkGAN: Seeing into the Rainy Night

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We present a ForkGAN for task-agnostic image translation that can boost multiple vision tasks in adverse weather conditions. Three tasks of image localization/retrieval, semantic image segmentation, and object detection are evaluated. The key challenge is achieving high-quality image translation without any explicit supervision, or task awareness. Our innovation is a fork-shape generator with one encoder and two decoders that disentangles the domain-specific and domain-invariant information. We force the cyclic translation between the weather conditions to go through a common encoding space, and make sure the encoding features reveal no information about the domains. Experimental results show our algorithm produces state-of-the-art image synthesis results and boost three vision tasks’ performances in adverse weathers.


Light illumination Image-to-image translation Image synthesis Generative adversarial networks 



This work was supported by a MSRA Collaborative Research 2019 Grant.

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  2. 2.Kyoto UniversityKyotoJapan
  3. 3.University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaUSA

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