CLNet: A Compact Latent Network for Fast Adjusting Siamese Trackers

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 12365)


In this paper, we provide a deep analysis for Siamese-based trackers and find that the one core reason for their failure on challenging cases can be attributed to the problem of decisive samples missing during offline training. Furthermore, we notice that the samples given in the first frame can be viewed as the decisive samples for the sequence since they contain rich sequence-specific information. To make full use of these sequence-specific samples, we propose a compact latent network to quickly adjust the tracking model to adapt to new scenes. A statistic-based compact latent feature is proposed to efficiently capture the sequence-specific information for the fast adjustment. In addition, we design a new training approach based on a diverse sample mining strategy to further improve the discrimination ability of our compact latent network. To evaluate the effectiveness of our method, we apply it to adjust a recent state-of-the-art tracker, SiamRPN++. Extensive experimental results on five recent benchmarks demonstrate that the adjusted tracker achieves promising improvement in terms of tracking accuracy, with almost the same speed. The code and models are available at


Siamese tracker Latent feature Sequence-specific Sample mining Fast adjustment 


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