Predicting Visual Overlap of Images Through Interpretable Non-metric Box Embeddings

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To what extent are two images picturing the same 3D surfaces? Even when this is a known scene, the answer typically requires an expensive search across scale space, with matching and geometric verification of large sets of local features. This expense is further multiplied when a query image is evaluated against a gallery, e.g. in visual relocalization. While we don’t obviate the need for geometric verification, we propose an interpretable image-embedding that cuts the search in scale space to essentially a lookup.

Our approach measures the asymmetric relation between two images. The model then learns a scene-specific measure of similarity, from training examples with known 3D visible-surface overlaps. The result is that we can quickly identify, for example, which test image is a close-up version of another, and by what scale factor. Subsequently, local features need only be detected at that scale. We validate our scene-specific model by showing how this embedding yields competitive image-matching results, while being simpler, faster, and also interpretable by humans.


Image embedding Representation learning Image localization Interpretable representation 



Thanks to Carl Toft for help with normal estimation, to Michael Firman for comments on paper drafts and to the anonymous reviewers for helpful feedback.

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