Toward Faster and Simpler Matrix Normalization via Rank-1 Update

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Bilinear pooling has been used in many computer vision tasks and recent studies discover that matrix normalization is a vital step for achieving impressive performance of bilinear pooling. The standard matrix normalization, however, needs singular value decomposition (SVD), which is not well suited in the GPU platform, limiting its efficiency in training and inference. To resolve this issue, the Newton-Schulz (NS) iteration method has been proposed to approximate the matrix square-root. Although it is GPU-friendly, the NS iteration still takes several (expensive) iterations of matrix-matrix multiplications. Furthermore, the NS iteration is incompatible with the compact bilinear features obtained from Tensor Sketch (TS) or Random Maclaurin (RM). To overcome those known limitations, in this paper we propose a “rank-1 update normalization” (RUN), which only needs matrix-vector multiplications and is hence substantially more efficient than the NS iteration using matrix-matrix multiplications. Moreover, RUN readily supports the normalization on compact bilinear features from TS or RM. Besides, RUN is simpler than the NS iteration and easier for implementation in practice. As RUN is a differentiable procedure, we can plug it in a CNN-based an end-to-end training setting. Extensive experiments on four public benchmarks demonstrates that, for the full bilinear pooling, RUN achieves comparable accuracy with a substantial speedup over the NS iteration. For the compact bilinear pooling, RUN achieves comparable accuracy with a significant speedup over SVD-based normalization.

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