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Table 13.1 The mission mystique of the ACCC

From: The ACCC: Guardian of Viable Markets and Consumer Rights

  Prime qualities Essential elaborations Temporal aspects
A purposive aura Enforcing competition and consumer law to promote competition, productivity and fair trading (1995), to enforcing competition and consumer law to make markets work for consumers Regulating competition and consumer welfare for the continued growth of Australia’s economy and prosperity An active enforcement agency and expert advisor
Internal commitment There is a longevity among staff and at the same time the organization attracts motivated young graduates A strong ‘cadre’ of experts and professionals including lawyers, economists, consumer advocates.
A commitment to moral integrity and anti-collusive behavior
Maintains internal and external rituals of Chairman reports, public lectures and jubilee recordings/other documentation of organizational history.
The history is known and accessible staff and even parts of the Australian public
Sustaining features There is robust internal deliberation of strategic decisions. External legal strategies must survive critique of the courts and elite debates among the ‘Trades Practices Mafia’, e.g. journalists, lawyers, expert policy makers, former staff The formal legal basis of the agency’s statute, reference to court judgement and other features of design present some insulation from political interference. The agency’s expertise and ability to perform has to date assured financial capacity Ongoing stretching and experimentation with boundaries of law.
Agency leadership and its embedding in international community gives capacity to foresee and develop new responses to changing economy and society. The agency is propulsive in some determinations
  1. Source Based on Goodsell (2011)