Development of an Assessment Model for the Human Centered Design Processes Specified in ISO 9241-220

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Process assessment is a disciplined project-oriented evaluation of an organizational unit’s processes with respect to a process assessment model. The human centered design (HCD) process assessment model (PAM) is intended for use when performing conformational assessments of the process capability on the development of interactive systems. It was developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 33020 combined with content from ISO 15504-5 and DIN SPEC 92412 relating to the process reference HCD processes specified in ISO 9241-220. If processes beyond the scope of ISO 9241-220 are needed, appropriate processes may be added based on the business needs of the organization. The derived HCD processes reference model (PRM) from the HCD processes specified in ISO 9241-220 together with the HCD-PAM must be applied when performing an HCD process assessment. The developed HCD-PAM contains a set of indicators to be considered when interpreting the intent of the HCD-PRM. These indicators may also be used when implementing a process improvement program subsequent to an assessment within an organization. In this paper, the structure and the content of the HCD-PAM applying the HCD-PRM is explained and exemplified by a practical example of assessing the HCD.3.4.2 process.


Capability Maturity Process assessment model Process reference model Human centered design User centered design ISO UX Standards User experience ISO 9241-220 Human centered design processes IUIC IUID PAM PRM Processes Models HCD SPICE 


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