Domain-Specific Linguistic Support for Students Studying Translation in Oil Industry

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 131)


The paper considers the current stage of our research and work on the UNITECH-project open at, which is being developed by our group to provide teaching and learning within academic curricula in Professional Translation and Foreign Language for Special Purposes. Our UNITECH-platform integrates online courses with domain-specific translation topics and academic texts, special terminology knowledgebase, presented as descriptions of visual objects and technical tools, domain ontologies and multilingual glossaries. This platform is constantly developing, it is verified and used within our partner network of Russian universities. This paper presents a new course in Oil Industry and two new linguistic resources we have recently developed to support this course. These are the Student Thesaurus of Petroleum industry and Student Ontology of Oil and Gas production. We also discuss our approach to select terminology units of the oil thesaurus and domain ontology. In developing the structure of these linguistic tools we have analyzed about 40,000 term units and their relations for the English and Russian languages.


Blended learning Professional translation Language for Special Purposes Applied Linguistics 



In 2019, the presented UNITECH-project was supported by the Fond of Fundamental Research of the Russian Federation (RFFI state grant N 18-413-730018/19).


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