Introduction to StarNEig—A Task-Based Library for Solving Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue Problems

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In this paper, we present the StarNEig library for solving dense nonsymmetric (generalized) eigenvalue problems. The library is built on top of the StarPU runtime system and targets both shared and distributed memory machines. Some components of the library support GPUs. The library is currently in an early beta state and only real arithmetic is supported. Support for complex data types is planned for a future release. This paper is aimed at potential users of the library. We describe the design choices and capabilities of the library, and contrast them to existing software such as ScaLAPACK. StarNEig implements a ScaLAPACK compatibility layer that should make it easy for new users to transition to StarNEig. We demonstrate the performance of the library with a small set of computational experiments.


Eigenvalue problem Task-based Library 



StarNEig has been developed by the authors, Angelika Schwarz (who has written the standard eigenvector solver), Lars Karlsson, and Bo Kågström. This work is part of a project (NLAFET) that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 671633. This work was supported by the Swedish strategic research programme eSSENCE. We thank the High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N) at Umeå University for providing computational resources and valuable support during test and performance runs. Finally, the author thanks the anonymous reviewers for their valuable feedback.


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    LAPACK: Linear Algebra PACKage.
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    ScaLAPACK: Scalable Linear Algebra PACKage.
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    SLEPc: The Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations.
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    StarNEig: A task-based library for solving nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems.
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