Current Injection into Oxide-Confined Single-Photon Emitting Diodes

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In this chapter, the van Roosbroeck system is applied to investigate the current flow in an electrically driven QD-based single-photon emitting diode. The device features an oxidized aperture for the site-controlled QD nucleation, which is also intended to improve the confinement of the injection current. The experimentally recorded electroluminescence, however, shows the counterintuitive light emission from parasitic QDs far away from the aperture, which contradicts the expected current confining property. The experimental observations are reproduced by a theoretical model, that predicts a rapid lateral current spreading above the oxide layer. This phenomenon is thoroughly investigated and traced back to the absence of carrier recombination above the oxide layer in the low-injection regime at cryogenic temperatures. Finally, by a revision of the doping design, a superior current confinement is achieved, that enables the highly selective excitation of a small domain above the aperture—in particular it allows for the electrical pumping of single QDs. This is evidenced by numerical simulations under stationary and pulsed excitation.


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