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Distributed Logging Service with Distributed Hash Table for Cloud

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNISA,volume 11894)


The logging service on cloud is a critical component for administrators who maintain applications and solutions for end users. The service is usually a central server deployment to accept log messages from leaf computing nodes. Since several leaf computing nodes and their usages are dynamically changed for applications and solutions, the amount of generated log messages is also changed. This paper proposes the architecture and design for Distributed Logging Service (DLS) which can distribute processing powers and storage resources to leaf computing nodes with Distributed Hash Table (DHT). Those nodes generate log messages and also have DLS components locally. The evaluation results with the emulated environment show the feasibility of DLS with the scalability.


  • Distributed logging
  • Logging service
  • Cloud management
  • Distributed Hash Table

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