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Table 5.2 Summary of the skills set required to sustainably manage a research equipment facility

From: Skills Required for Managing Research Equipment

 Staff scientistOperatorTechnicianEngineerData specialist
QualificationsPh.D.M.Sc. (preferably a Ph.D.)M.Sc. or honoursB.Sc. in engineeringB.Sc. in ICT and computational statistics (preferably Hons)
ExperienceA track record in undertaking independent research and publishing in high-impact journalsA track record in designing and executing methodological protocols using conventional or advanced techniquesA track record in managing, operating and maintaining research equipmentA track record of (i) designing; (ii) testing; (iii) constructing manufacturing; (v) installing; (vi) operating; (vii) maintaining equipment; and (viii) diagnosing and troubleshooting malfunctions on the equipment. Partnering with suppliers is an important activity in this regardA track record in data manipulation and analysis by selecting the best tools to interrogate data so as to recognise trends that deliver insights to research questions
Auxiliary trainingEssential