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Table 5.1 Some of the required skills set of a data specialist

From: Skills Required for Managing Research Equipment

People who are experts and
• Operate at a competent level close to the data, and have knowledge of programming and writing codes
• Might have a technical background which includes formal computer training or programming and statistical analysis
• These experts can be either permanent or contracted specialists
People who explore data through statistical and analytical methods
• They know how to assess the data with a view to, for instance, address curiosity-driven issues
• They can build models using data and they are able to code and develop programmes
People who manage, curate, and preserve data
• They are information specialists, archivists, librarians and compliance officers
• If data has value, experts are needed to manage it, make it discoverable, preserve it and make sure it remains usable
• They plan, implement and manage the sourcing, use and maintenance of data assets in line with governance policies, processes and procedures