Finding Home from the In-between Space for a Queer Asian American Christian Woman

Part of the Asian Christianity in the Diaspora book series (ACID)


This chapter reflects on a queer Asian American feminist Christian woman’s journey for belongingness. The author depicts her theological journey for home as joining a relay of multiple journeys of the forerunners: feminist theo-ethicists who trailblazed the path for decades. The author portrays herself as running the relay filled with embodied wisdom of the forerunners. She shares the embodied knowledge that has guided five critical moments of her life’s journey searching for home, and describes her current research in articulating a moral vision of home in the Korean Asian Christian community. The five forerunners include Rita Nakashima Brock, Letty M. Russell, Traci C. West, Kwok Pui-lan, and Wonhee Anne Joh.


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