Poster Support for an Obeya-Like Risk Management Approach

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  • Paul VarelaEmail author
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Lean management is trendy. This trend is also reaching risk management. It has become very concrete in France following the EBIOS-Risk Manager method publication by the French National Agency for cybersecurity (ANSSI) in October 2018. However, if the new method fosters an agile approach of risk management, it does not provide the tools to support the mandated brainstorming workshops. In this paper we propose a set of A0 posters (and A5 cheat-sheets) to support the efficient and user-friendly organisation of the EBIOS-Risk Manager brain-storming sessions. The workshop participants are given sticky notes and felt pens to actively contribute to the data collection work. A facilitator helps organise the emergence of contributions. This approach is inspired from the Japanese Obeya form of project management, with the goal of making risk management simple, dynamic and attractive, or in one word, fun!


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This research was partially funded by the French DGA CoSS-2 RAPID project. We wish to thank Sébastien Lhuillier and Thomas Baudillon from Thales SIX GTS FRANCE for their lead in the SCADA IoT case-study and Christophe Alix and Hélène Bachatène for their lead in the VLLAM/UTM case-study. Many thanks also to Fabien Caparros of ANSSI for his review of the poster templates, and to all the Thales engineers who made constructive comments on this work.

Poster Support for an Obeya-like Risk Management Approach by Stéphane Paul of Thales Research & Technology (Critical Embedded Systems Laboratory) will be made available in the form of PowerPoint slides under the CC BY-NC-SA (i.e. Creative Commons Attribution + Non Commercial + Share Alike) licence.


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