Textual Excess: Revolutionary Potential and Evolutionary Utility
Part of the New Interpretations of Beckett in the Twenty-First Century book series (NIBTFC)


This section places Beckett’s works in dialogue with contemporary media forms that appear to relate to audiences through similar means and to prompt similar affective and cognitive responses, aiming to articulate an even stronger case for Beckett’s relevance in a contemporary context. It shows that, far from speaking to the ethical concerns and aesthetic tastes of another era, Beckett’s diagrammatic textual constructs continue to nourish contemporary audiences through their solidarity-based and cognition-enhancing traits. It also predicts that, as paradox-based discourses continue to gain prominence in contemporary forms of entertainment, interpreters may in fact become better adapted to (rather than increasingly disconnected from) the ethical and aesthetic configuration of Beckett’s texts, continually interacting with them in a solidarity, mutability, and cognitive enhancement-focused mode.

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