Dynamic Classifier Chains for Multi-label Learning

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In this paper, we deal with the task of building a dynamic ensemble of chain classifiers for multi-label classification. To do so, we proposed two concepts of the classifier chain algorithms that are able to change the label order of the chain without rebuilding the entire model. Such models allow anticipating the instance-specific chain order without the significant increase in the computational burden. The proposed chain models are built using the Naive Bayes classifier and nearest neighbour approaches. To take the benefits of the proposed algorithms, we developed a simple heuristic that allows the system to find relatively good label order. The experimental results showed that the proposed models and the heuristic are efficient tools for building dynamic chain classifiers.


Multi-label Classifier chains Naive Bayes Dynamic chains Nearest neighbour 



This work is financed from Grant For Young Scientists and PhD Students Development, under agreement: 0402/0109/18.

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