Cyber Security for Voltage Control of Distribution Systems Under Data Falsification Attacks

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In this chapter, we discuss cyber security issues that can arise in the voltage regulation of distribution systems. As the amount of distributed generation rapidly increases, voltage regulation along the distribution lines becomes more complicated. This change in the system has prompted the use of more voltage measurements collected over networks for accurate monitoring and control. Here, we provide an overview of our recent research on false data injection attacks on voltage measurements transmitted by sensors to a centralized controller. Our approach is to first introduce an attack detection algorithm and then enhance the security level by a resilient controller that is capable of performing the regulation in the presence of attacks by utilizing the detection results. We illustrate our methods by simulation studies on a realistic, small-scale distribution system.



The authors are grateful to Yusuke Aoki, Yasunori Isozaki, Mizuki Onogawa, and Atsushi Suzuki for their help in the course of this research.


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