Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Using Spreadsheets

  • Samaya Pillai IyengarEmail author
  • Haridas Acharya
  • Manik Kadam
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 66)


Advancements and sophistication in Information Technology systems have deeply impacted business operations and strategy across all domains. In a highly competitive business environment during current times, the success and growth of business have become largely dependent and highly critical with respect of business analytics and intelligence for crucial decision making. While this is true with almost all business sectors, the healthcare systems are no exception. In the information era, big data and its related cloud computing technologies form the backbone towards a data-centric ecosystem. A shift is observed from processes/methodology to data as a valuable resource, for it can neither be neglected nor disposing irresponsibly. The health ecosystem encompasses numerous stakeholders involving doctors, clinicians, patients, pharmacy on one hand while the investors and public institutions on the other at large. Systematic monitoring, processing, analysis and reporting of sensitive health data calls for a robust information technological support across its products and processes. Business analytics is an inevitable business practice in current competitive environment wherein the processes, practices, people skills and performance are key success factors for exploration and strategizing for effective and efficient operational and firm performances. This chapter discusses big data analytics, its need and methods with special reference to the healthcare industry which could help practitioners and policy makers in this domain to develop strategies for better healthcare systems and management. Methodology The chapter discusses the WHO health framework. It categorizes the Healthcare data. Methods of addressing Analysis of Big data techniques is done by discussing special tools and technologies like Hadoop and then Spreadsheets. The analysis of Big Data and its sub-component, viz. Structured, Semi-Structured and unstructured is discussed in detail. In Structured, analysis of simple numeric data is investigated. In unstructured, an overview of text analysis, NLP and one algorithms of NLP is done. In Unstructured, Image analysis, methods of pulling a sub-part of big data from cloud is discussed.


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