Big Data in Supply Chain Management and Medicinal Domain

  • Aniket NargundkarEmail author
  • Anand J. Kulkarni
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 66)


This chapter presents the fundamental and conceptual overview of big data describing its characteristics. The chapter covers two domains viz. Supply Chain (SC) and Medicinal (Healthcare) industry. Under SC domain, data generation process is explained. The difference between big data and traditional analytics is clarified. Landscape of SC is described with specific case studies in central areas of application. The typical big data platforms used in supply chain are elaborated with comparison. Prominent platform NoSQL is described comprehensively. Contemporary methodologies of big data analytics in supply chain are illustrated. Second part of chapter deals with healthcare domain. Importance of big data in medicinal domain is highlighted. The overall process of big data analytics from data generation till data results visualization is exemplified. Upcoming trends of big data analytics with wearable or implanted sensors is explicated. At the end, overall big data advantages and limitations are discussed along with future direction.


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