Elements of Healthcare Big Data Analytics

  • Nishita MehtaEmail author
  • Anil Pandit
  • Meenal Kulkarni
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 66)


As the focus of healthcare industry shifts towards patient-centric model, healthcare is increasingly becoming data-driven in nature. Alongside this, the newer developments in technology are opening ways for harnessing healthcare big data for improved services. The application of analytics over big data in healthcare offers a wide range of possibilities for the delivery of high quality patient care at affordable price. Although a lot has been discussed about the promise of big data analytics in healthcare, there is still a lack of its usability in the real world scenario. The healthcare organizations are starting to embrace this technology, yet many of them are still far from achieving its benefits to the full potential. The challenges that these organizations face are complex. This chapter begins with discussing about the key issues and challenges that often afflicts the utilization of big data analytics in healthcare organizations. It then highlights the essential components for effective integration of big data analytics into healthcare. It also explores important foundational steps for beginning a big data analytics program within an organization. The objective is to provide the guiding principles for successful implementation of big data technology.


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