Integration of Ground Source Energy Systems for Low Carbon Heating of Buildings

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Ground source heating and cooling is well established in many parts of the world providing a highly efficient source of low carbon heating and cooling. In view of its efficiency, it is more economic to run a heat pump almost continually - maintaining the minimum base heat load, than it is to install a much bigger heat pump capable of reaching peak load for only short durations. It is for this reason that heat pump technology is most efficiently operated when integrated with other traditional or alternative energy sources. The combined approach can be further enhanced by the application of other technologies, such as energy from road asphalt which can significantly improve the efficiency of heat pumps. Three UK case studies are provided which demonstrate the efficiency which can be realized, as well as highlighting some of the practical issues which may be encountered during the design and installation of such systems.


Ground source energy Heat pumps Low carbon heating and cooling 



The authors would like to acknowledge:

BAM Construction for continuing to challenge us to provide ever more innovative solutions, Colleagues at Durham University who share a passion for Ground Source Energy, NIBE Heat Pumps who provide us with an excellent service and technical support during our design stage and Durham County Council who provides funding towards our low carbon heating Research and Development programme.


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