3D Printing: An Innovative Technology for Customised Shoe Manufacturing

  • Tatjana SpahiuEmail author
  • Erald Piperi
  • Andrea Ehrmann
  • Henrique A. Almeida
  • Rita M. T. Ascenso
  • Liliana C. Vitorino
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


Nowadays, consumers are changing the market dynamics. They have become more critical, active and informed. They pursue more personalised products/services and like to be involved in the design process. Additive manufacturing technologies allows this personalisation of products and new business models should embrace these trends to differentiate and gain competitive advantages. The application of 3D technology is widely spread in different areas including textile and apparel manufacturing. From a physical model, it is possible to create a digital model using 3D scanning technology for redesigning purposes. Among the various applications, the apparel industry has expanded with relevant gains, namely fitting and customisation. Several applications of 3D printing for garment, fashion accessories and footwear are described. These applications are based on 3D models that are digitised through 3D scanning and then modelled using CAD software. A case study of shoe redesign is presented in which engineering design tools are implemented, namely, topological and lattice structural design.


Personalisation 3D scanning 3D printing Apparel industry Footwear Design optimisation 


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  • Erald Piperi
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  • Andrea Ehrmann
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  • Henrique A. Almeida
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