Interactive Learning-Based Retrieval Technique for Visual Lifelogging

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Currently, there is a plethora of video wearable devices that can easily collect data from daily user life. This fact has promoted the development of lifelogging applications for security, healthcare, and leisure. However, the retrieval of not-pre-defined events is still a challenge due to the impossibility of having a potentially unlimited number of fully annotated databases covering all possible events. This work proposes an interactive and weakly supervised learning approach that is able of retrieving any kinds of events using general and weakly annotated databases. The proposed system has been evaluated with the database provided by the Lifelog Moment Retrieval (LMRT) challenge of ImageCLEF (Lifelog2018), where it reached the first position in the final ranking.


Lifelogging Deep learning Interactive Weakly annotated Event detection 


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  1. 1.Department of Information and Communication Systems EngineeringUniversity of the AegeanSamosGreece
  2. 2.Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes, Information Processing and Telecommunications Center (IPTC) and ETSI TelecomunicacioìnUniversidad Politécnica de MadridMadridSpain

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