Cyber Security: A New Approach of Secure Data Through Attentiveness in Cyber Space

  • Kumar ParasuramanEmail author
  • A. Anbarasa Kumar
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Cyber Security assumes a critical job in the field of Information and Communication Technology [ICT]. Securing the information has become one of the greatest difficulties in the present day. When we consider cyber security, the main aspect that strikes in our mind is ‘cyber crimes’ which are expanding enormously day by day. Different Governments and organizations are taking numerous measures so as to keep these cyber crimes. Other than different measures cyber security is as yet a big concern to many. This paper for the most part centers around difficulties looked by cyber security on the most recent technologies. It also focuses around most recent about the cyber security methods, ethics and the trends changing the appearance of cyber security. Governments, military, associations, budgetary foundations, colleges and different organizations gather, process and store a great deal of private data on PCs and transmit that data over systems to various PCs. With the tenacious quick advancement of volume and enhancement of cyberattacks, incite attempts are required to anchor touchy business and individual data, and to anchor national security. The paper talk with respect to the idea of the internet and shows how the web is unbound to transmit the mystery and budgetary data. We demonstrate that hacking is as of now typical and dangerous for overall economy and security and exhibited the diverse techniques for Cyber attacks in India and around the globe.


Cyber security Cybercrime Cyberspace Cyber attacks 


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